Your Fishing Break in Dorset: Here’s Where to Book

Planning a Fishing Break in Dorset? Here’s where to Book

Transform your weekends into enchanting fishing trips by planning a tranquil fishing break in Dorset, a charming county in South West England. Enveloped in majestic cliffs, sandy beaches, picturesque seaside towns and blessed with an abundance of marine life, Dorset offers stunning sites for an enjoyable fishing experience. Choose your perfect location from numerous options available, be it sea fishing, freshwater fishing, or fly fishing. This article aims to guide you on where to reserve your spectacular fishing break in Dorset.

The first location on the list is Christchurch Harbour. It is a perfect spot if you’re considering sea fishing. You can catch species of sea bass, flounder, mullet among others here. Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa is the focal point of stay at this location. The luxurious beach-side hotel not only offers an undisturbed fishing experience but also provides sumptuous dining facilities, couple spa, and beach-themed rooms. The hotel also arranges fishing trips with professional fishing guides who are familiar with the best fishing spots in the harbour.

Weymouth Harbour can’t be missed if you’re eyeing sea fishing. The town offers numerous sea fishing guided trips and boat charter opportunities. The Moonfleet Manor Hotel located near Chesil Beach complete with comfortable suites and a delicious array of seafood is one of the go-to places for stay. If you plan your visit between November and March, you might get lucky to catch mackerel, wrasse, or even rays.

For those who enjoy coarse fishing, Todber Manor Fisheries in Sturminster Newton is the most ideal. It is one of the leading fishing platforms in the UK holding numerous national and international fishing tournaments. Stay at the Todber Country Park offers stunning views, modern accommodations and easy access to fisheries amongst other amenities. Here, you can catch the carp, pike, roach and bream, among other species.

Located in Wimborne, Dorset’s south coast, the Davis Tackle is a fly and coarse fishing specialist which provides a fishing license for the Dorset Stour. Just a stone’s throw away, the King’s Head Hotel is a charming boutique hotel offering luxurious yet homely accommodations.

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa in New Milton is another destination worthy to be mentioned. Although it’s in Hampshire, it’s very close to Dorset and an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts. Especially sea bass fishing in the nearby waters can be quite rewarding. The Hotel also offers a variety of other leisure activities including golf, tennis, and indulgent spa treatments.

The Orchard Lakes fishery, set in 56 acres of lush lands in New Milton, is also a great spot for anglers. The fishery has five well-stocked lakes and you can hope to catch carp, tench, roach, rudd and bream. The New Forest Country House provides comfortable accommodations nearby with spacious rooms and amenities aplenty.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking to catch the big ones or a novice just starting to explore the lure of the hook, line, and sinker, Dorset’s extensive coastline and pristine inland rivers provide the best fishing opportunities. However, it’s pertinent to mention that you must have a rod fishing license to fish in England and Wales if you’re aged 13 or older. You can purchase a fishing license from the Post Office or from the Environment Agency’s online service.

From the fishing in dorset with accommodation rustic charm of the manors to the luxury and comfort of the hotels, when in Dorset for a fishing break, accommodations aren’t merely a place to rest your head but a sanctuary where you can relax and soak up the local culture. So pack your fishing gear and get ready to lose yourself in the serene settings while testing your angling skills in the abundant waters of Dorset.